Saturday, January 07, 2006

Barbie's underwear

Earlier this week I was talking with someone at work. I’m not quite sure how the conversation ended up in a certain direction, but she told me that apparently they now pain underwear onto Barbie dolls. If this is true then why? First of all, Barbie is an impossibility. I read somewhere that her dimensions make her some sort of ….. basically she’s not real.

What I want to know is who decided that they should be painting a thong onto Barbie? Actually I don’t even know if it’s a thong. She could be wearing something else I guess. I’m just not comfortable opening up a Barbie box in a store and finding out. What the heck were try trying to hide by painting underwear on Barbie anyway.

If they should be hiding anything, it should be Barbie’s boobs. We all know that Barbie is stacked. We’re talking pop star boob job stacked. They’re so big according to scale that I have to wonder how Barbie can walk and if she can, does she have major back pain? Why haven’t they painted a bra on this woman? Not that I’ve checked for Barbie’s actual bra size or anything (I had no luck searching the Internet), but she is ‘blessed’ Ken should be a happy man, (except that he’s GAY!!!). The old G.I. Joe dolls would have loved that for R. & R.

That reminds me of an old car commercial with a G.I. Joe type doll with a car drives into the girls room and picks up the Barbie doll, (she comes out of the house looking like she’s ready to party) and poor Ken is standing their with his jaw hanging.

I can’t decide if the painted underwear thing is a big deal or not. It’s not like there’s anything to be hiding but now little brothers can no longer check out Barbie’s bare ass. Something to think about.

My 2 bytes.

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