Monday, January 02, 2006

New Years Resolutions

Well it’s that time again where people make New Years resolutions and by January 15th, they’ve blown it. Ok so here are my New Years resolutions.

Resolution #1, Meet people. I’ll be honest. I'm shy. I’m extremely shy and the idea of meeting new people scares the hell out of me. I tend to think why would people want to meet me. I blame lack of self worth. When I was the kid who was made fun of in school. I was the odd kid out. Growing up, I thought why would anyone want to spend time with me and I still have that hanging over my head. I’m scared of meeting new people and I need to get over it, if I ever want to accomplish anything significant in life.

Resolution #2, I will no long judge my self worth based on my bank account balance. It seems that my student loan and other debts have got a good hold of me. While I’m finally starting to see some success from my degree, I still over my head in student loan payments. As a result, I never have the money to do anything.

Resolution #3. I will watch my health more. I need to loose some weight. (Ok I need to loose a lot of weight). Again, I think it all comes back to self esteem. It’s getting my ass over to where I get a hair cut when I need it. Eating healthier and buying clothes when I need some.

You know I’ve decided that most of what I want to change is a result of the Student Loan people having a firm grip on my BLEEPS, but I’m not going to let them decide how I should live anymore. SCREW EM!!

My 2 bytes.

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