Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The fine line between being a superhero and a stripper

I’ve noticed something while I’ve been playing City of Heroes (Yes this was bound to happen). Whenever I see a female toon (that’s what we call the Avatar’s) wearing a cowboy hat, I think “Hey, she looks like a stripper”.

Now I live in Calgary, AKA Cow town, and every year we have the Stampede. I seen many people, both male and female, wearing cowboy hats but why would I think of a certain hat of being the stripper hat? Good question, so I did some research. The result is that I might need a girlfriend.

I looked at different websites that sell cowboy hats. I checked out the women’s hats and I didn’t see anything that said stripper. Then again, perhaps it need to look at a website for stripper clothes. The problem is I couldn’t find a site with a cowboy outfit.

So tonight I’ve learned 3 things, Number 1. I’m playing too much City of Heroes. Number 2, I appear to need a girlfriend. Oh and number 3. When I really don’t have any idea what to write about, DON’T WING IT.

Then again, if you were to put a cowboy hat on Wonder Woman and put her next to a stripper pole. Would you think superhero or stripper?

My 2 bytes.

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