Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Closet Pervert

I’ve gotten some positive feedback over my last few posts and then Hugh noticed something. I always seem to referred to sex in some way, form or manor. I’ve come to this conclusion. You like it when I subtlety talk about smut and ‘naughty’ thought. I do have a fear of talking about sexual themes though. I have this underlining fear that people are going to decide that I’m some perverted creep. I admit that I’m a pervert but I’m not a creep. I never say any nasty comments to women unless they start it first.

I remember once person that I use to talk to at work. She was the trouble making type, which for some reason I’m attracted to. Though she was married so I kept my boundaries however this didn’t stop her from causing problems for me. The one time she really messed with my head (and she knew it), was when I was physically blocking her from getting past me. (We were in a narrow aisle). I just shifted myself to prevent me from passing. Suddenly she drops puts her tray aside and starts to a rub my chest. I was immediately shocked and she managed to get by. I couldn’t even say a word because I was so embarrassed. She later teased me and said, ‘your embarrassed because you like it’ and she was right.

I also remember working with this other woman and she and I would taunt each other. Since she was single, we got a little more graphic. I got to know her while I was working towards my degree. Again I played along (since I’m a big flirt) but I never really did anything.

I’ve been described as a big teddy bear more than once. I try to have a pleasant nature and never push people. I try to make people laugh at how I look at myself. Basically I’m a closet pervert.

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