Wednesday, June 02, 2010

At the airport again

Once again, I'm blogging at the airport. There's something I like about being able to blog from the Calgary International Airport. Maybe it's the comfy chairs where you can sit down and work from your laptop. Maybe it's the power outlets so you can plug in your laptop and make sure your battery is fully charged before getting on the plane for a long flight. Not all planes have AC outlet to plug in your electronic devices. Actually it's the free wifi which I think is the best. HINT HINT Pearson International Airport.

Well I didn't get this seat right away. I had to wait for some old hag to move her ass off this seat. The perfect laptop blogging seat, but she's gone now. The evil old hag with her feet on the comfy chair, while reading her Good Housekeeping magazine. If she was a good housekeeper she wouldn't have had her shoes on the damn comfy chair.

See how nice this chair is and some hag had to put her damn feet on them. What is she had stepped in dog poop before getting to the airport. How rude of her.

The good news I'm all set to go, and waiting by the gate. The bad news is that after I land I need to go to Walmart to pick up a razor, and other bathroom stuff. I didn't have room to pack any of that stuff because I had to pack 6 Cheese Graters that my mom asked me to buy for her at Ikea. Yes 6 Cheese Graters. She wants to give them as gifts. Honestly, a cheese grater isn't exactly the thing I would want to receive as a gift, but it was an Ikea Cheese Grater, and they are cool.

So this is my last trip home for awhile. I'm not planning on going home again for a long time, because...well I'd rather go to London. Which I will year. I almost have enough to go this year, but I don't have the holiday time now. Hope you appreciate the sacrifice I'm making bro.

To be honest, I'm glad to be there for him. He's my brother after all. I'm even going to be in the wedding party. I've even have a speech ready in case I'm asked to speak.

I'll try to blog from home, but no promises.

My 2 Bytes


letti said...

1. What kind of upbringing must you have to put your suspect-of-having-stepped-in-dog-poo shoes up on a comfy chair and hogging it?

2. I heart IKEA.

3. Haven't been in one for a long time though. *sigh*

Stefanio said...

You want a microplane grater, they are awesome in their ability to carve through blocks of parmesan and human flesh. My mum recently skinned her knuckle so deep that it didn't stop bleeding for a days. The doctor couldn't even stitch it as there was no flesh to stitch back, just had to bandage and wait.

Beware the grater!