Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On behalf of the male gender, I appolgize

Recently, there was an incident on a Continental flight from Hong Kong to Newark, New Jersey where some sick 63 year old bastard was caught, in a sexual assault against the person sitting next to him on the plane. From what I've read, the woman was asleep and she was awaken by someone from behind her kicking her seat, to be awaken with this asshole with his hand ...I'm not going to say it.

The good news is that the FBI was waiting for Ramesh Advani when he got off the plane, and his entire family got to witness him taken away by the FBI. I normally try to refrain from using names on my blog but, I take great pleasure in exposing that sick old bastard as the pervert he is.

Now I`ve kidded in the past of being a closet pervert, but I have NEVER EVER doing anything like that. The idea of forcing myself onto someone else sickens me. It`s wrong, plain and simple. It`s usually sub intelligent people who have no respect for other people. There`s a place for people like this. It`s called jail. 

I hope this guy makes the mistake of `dropping the soap` so he`s made to feel like the innocent victim he molested. She didn`t deserve to be touched by that sick bastard.

Seriously, what`s wrong with some people. I hope he gets raped in jail to feel the same humiliation that his victim felt.

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