Friday, May 21, 2010

I don't think even China believes them this time

I'm sure that everyone has heard the news of the week about the South Korean ship that was sink by a torpedo fired by a North Korean submarine by now. If not, then were the hell have you been? I keep reading more and I can't belive that the North Korean government statements about it. How it;s all a lie and any sanction against them would be considered an act of war. Well guess what Kim Jon Ill, firing a topedo and sinking a South Korean navy vessel is consider an act of war you stupid hyprocite. Seriously, their arrogants is beyond me. Even China, who's their only friend is shaking their head over this one.

I believe the problem is that, since they're developed a nuclear weapon, that they have the right to act this recklessly without concequences. That is obviously incorrect, and they need to learn this lesson, and their own arrogance is going to make them learn it the hard way.

Honestly, who would belive these people? Just a few weeks ago, they claimed in their state run newspaper that they have developed Nucelar Fusion? I seriously doubt it. I don't belive a damn thing that their government says. Who would? I don't think even China belives them.

Do these old guys really think that this kind of behavoir will go on forever? The good thing is that I belive that time in on our side, and as these crazy old bastards start to die off, then the next generation will have a clue and stop this insantiy.

It happened in the former Soviert Union. It wasn't until the peoeple in power who lived through the second war died, that we started to see some changes in that country, and then the old guard fell from the inside, not the outside. I predict that this will soon happen with North Korea. China also learned this lesson and now allow captialism in their country. It's still not perfect, but it's a lot better then the past. We're starting to see it happen in Iran as well. Time is indeed on our size.

Until then, smarten up you dumbasses.

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Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

If only there was some sort of system being developed to shoot down ballistic missiles.

As for North Korea, personality cults tend to require the death of the Leader. North Korea is a tough nut to crack.