Wednesday, June 23, 2010

They've chained me again

The current job has done something horrible to me. I feel so ashamed, so defeated, so humilated. They issued me a Blackberry. CRAP.

I really don't like the idea of work being able to get a hold of me from ANYWHERE. Well I can see their point of view. I actually work in two buildings, so sometimes I can hard to get in contact with, you I just feel like a collar has been placed around me. Bleech,

I remember when I was proud to have a company phone. I was ticked that it wasn't a Blackberry, but as I grew wiser, I realized what was really going on. It's a way of being in contact all the time. Yuck. Well I got news for you. I'm not answering that phone at 3:00am....unless I'm on call.

Yes, they own me now, but sometimes selling out is a means to getting what you want.

My 2 Bytes.

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Olly said...

I'm sure my daughter feels the same way after we bought her a cell phone/electronic leash. If only I could track her whereabouts by GPS...