Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I officially find the World Cup boring.

I've been hearing about the World Cup from lots of people, but it's not something that I've taken much interest in. The most I have done was send a congratulation to a Portuguese friend about the Portugal/North Korea blowout. Saying that, last night I started to watch the Spain/Honduras game. I was not impressed.

I was trying to get into the spirit, but I really wasn't into it, but I started making my own commentary, since I was getting bored with the English guy calling the game. Well making my own commentary isn't really the best way to describe it. What I started doing was saying over and over again, "Look at me, I kick the ball", in different accents. It didn't matter who had the ball, it was a different accent, from Jamaican, to French, to Russian, to whatever. I can't decide if it was racist, since I didn't focus on one ethnic group, and all I was saying over and over was "Look at me, I kick the ball.

Bottom line, I don't get it. I don't get how this sport is the most popular sport in the world. YAAAWWNN. All people do is run about, kick a ball. Every once in a while, someone will fall, scream and hold their knee for 5 minutes, and that's it. BORING.

I see it as a innocent game. Something that kids will play in a schoolyard. Not something to be watched by millions, on TV around the world. It;s people kicking a ball and running about. The only thing that would interesting would be if the South American announcer would have been calling the game. The guy who says GOOOOOAAAAALLLLL, That guy would be cool, but instead hear some Brit showing us that he has a bigger vocabulary than I do. SCREW THAT. I'm not jealous of him or anything like that, but seriously.

That might be a problem. Some people might be taking this game too seriously. There's this guy in South Africa who was killed by his own family for watching the World Cup, Apparently everyone else in the family wanted to watch some Gospel show, he disagreed so they killed him. While, there was no comment from God, I'm pretty sure he disapproved.

Also, North Korean television aired the game live, only to cut the feed after their team was loosing by 4 goals. They cut the show claiming the game was over and switch to some propaganda about engineers praising their nutball leader. They never got to see the end of the game. They never saw that their team lost 7-0.

I actually find the news stories about the World Cup more interesting than the actual game itself. I really don't care about the players kicking and saying "Look at me. I kick the ball". I'm waiting for a good old fashion soccer riot. That would be more interesting than the game itself.

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