Wednesday, August 06, 2008

TV pictures as requested

I know I've going yakking about my new TV, to the point that "someone" asked me if I was having an "inappropriate" relationship with the thing (I'm not Miss Jay). Anyway here are some pictures as requested, and promised.

I'm using my LCD TV as a PC monitor as well, and so I'm playing City of Heroes on it. I think it's a damn impressive monitor.

I bought a Bluray disc to show off how good my set can look. It was an IMAX documentary about the earth, and a lot of the filming was done on the Space Shuttle. I think it looks great.

The last is from a PBS HD channel that I'm managing to get (don't ask). I took the picture early this morning, so they were airing a kids show. I'm always amazed how much better the TV programs look in HD.

So that's my baby. I don't have cable, but right now I'm reconsidering getting it, or IPTV through the phone company. Both have positives and negatives. The Cable company has a HDPVR, but they would charge me a lot of money (probably $100+) and I really hate the cable company. The phone company has more flexible packages, and I'd have to change ISP's but since I don't have (or want) a landline phone, they would charge me a $25/month access fee. SCREW THAT. I'll probably have to wait until my current cell contract to end and change carriers, because the phone company would waive the fee, (and to be honest, I'm pissed at the cellphone company as well).

So for now, I'll probably have to resort to downloading HD content through my PC and my PS3. I'm hoping that things will change after analog TV ends in the U.S. I want everything in HD now.

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