Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I wasn't planning on going there, but I did.

The rage gone, for now anyway. I’ve been searching for something to blog about. Something that would set me off, but I’m not finding it. Sure I’ve found one thing…but I’m not sure if I want to defend the creation of a new porno channel in Canada. I heard about the license was granted issued a few weeks ago, and took a “yeah whatever” attitude. I read that no one filed an “interventions” in the filing, so the license was granted, a three-year license, which renewal was based on if they managed to get someone to carry the channel. Remember, no one opposed the license…before. Now we have some people coming out against it.

Again, I didn’t have a reason to blog about this channel, because…I can find smut anywhere, but I recently came across an editorial by our local bishop “Buck Henry” (he’s not important enough for me to remember his real name), and went of about blaaa blaaa blaaa, our decaying moral fabric and stuff like that. This guy is a few beers short of a “24”. I really can’t stand this guy, and he makes me embarrassed to be Catholic. Oh, this guy has had complaints made against him to the Alberta Human Right Association for some of his published anti gay hate mongering.

I did realize one thing though. This channel will be a boom for the Canadian Porn Industry. Broadcasters, Cable and Pay TV channels in Canada are required to carry a certain about of “Canadian Content”. Canadian TV show, Canadian movies, whatever. There’s a complex formula they use. Anyway since this new channel requires Canadian Content…We’re going to see a lot more Canadian Smut out there.

Actually this is a good thing. For the longest time, we Canadian have been swamped with U.S. smut. I think it’s about time we Canadians stood up and yelled “YES WE’RE PERVERTED TOO”. It’s time for us to enjoy our own home grown smut. The U.S. smut industry has dominated for too long. It’s about time that Canadians were heard screaming “OHHH YESSS”, instead of our neighbors to the south.

Alright I went there. I was trying to keep it dignified, but I obviously failed, but you have to admit it, it was funny. So I hope that despite the protests of “Buck Henry” and his friends. I hope that the porn channel is “up and running” soon. Oh, and for the record, it’s not called “The Beaver Channel”.

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dqsunday said...

LOL Nothing like good Canadian smut to overtake that old nitty gritty US smut :)