Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This is twisted

Combining things together is nothing new. For years, we’ve seen this done with many products, from clock radios to camera phones. Slapping things together has always seemed like a great idea, but I want to meet the moron who thought that it would be a good idea to combine a vibrator and a shaver together.

I understand what this person was thinking…sort of. Both devices vibrate in order to accomplish their purpose. The shaver vibrates the blades in order the give a person a close shave. The vibrator vibrates to give the user a ….you know. WHO THOUGHT THAT THIS WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA?

All right, perhaps a “lady” needs to “trim the bushes”, and after decides that she needs to relieve a little stress. I can see someone (a guy), thinking that this could be a good idea, but men and women don’t think the same. Women don’t feel the need to hump someone’s leg. Men on the other hand…. well there was the guy with the park bench.

Right now there’s a guy who thinking of buying this for his “significant other”, and after she gives it to her, she’s going to kick his ass.

What really concerns me is what happens if someone forgets to put on the cover? That could lead to a life altering injury. This could be how nuns are made. There are countries where nasty stuff like that happen, and people are trying to put a stop to it, and now someone wants to bring those types of injuries here? This is really dumb.

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