Thursday, August 28, 2008

I need a vacation

I need help. I’m scared that I’m loosing my blogging edge. More often than not, I find myself sitting at my keyboard, trying to figure out what to write about. I used to gain quick inspiration, but lately, as after I pick a topic, within a paragraph, I decide that it sucks and stop writing. I’m not sure if I’m if being too picky or if something is missing.

I started to write about my new 500Gb hard drive, and how much smut I could store on it, but let’s be honest. Do you really give a rats ass about a new hard drive, or how much smut I store on it? If that would have been someone else’s blog, I wouldn’t have cared, and I wouldn’t expect the few readers here to care about my hard drive.

I honestly, believe that I need a vacation, but can’t afford to take one for at least a year. I’ve started putting money away for it. So far I have $120 put away. Not bad, considering that I’m not planning of any trips until August next year.

I keep checking how many Air Miles I have. Currently, I have 2400, which is just enough to fly back to Ontario (round trip), for whatever family issue that arises. I have a feeling that I’ll be hearing about a wedding soon. My brother and his girlfriend are “getting there”, so I expect to have to make a trip soon. I’ll just have to tell them as soon as I hear the announcement, that if they schedule the wedding between August 5 and 12, 2009, I won’t be able to make it. I’m sorry, but I REALLY looking forward to the Chicago, and I already have it planned. Hopefully, I won’t have to use those Air miles, though and I can save some of them for a car rental when I’m in Chicago.

I’m not sure if I’ve officially mentioned it on the blog, but I’m heading to Chicago in 09 for a Comic-Con, but also, to meet a lot of my virtual City of Heroes friends. I’ve spent hours chatting with these people, and I’m finally going to get the chance to meet them face to face. In fact, I have some of us are planning on staying in the same hotel, so we can cause some real trouble. There are a few hotels across the street from the convention centre, which is located near the O’Hare, airport, so I think it would be idea to stay there. However I do plan to stay a few extra days, rent a car and explore Chicago. I’ve never been to Chicago, and to be honest, that city isn’t on my list of “I gotta check this place out”, but If I’m there, then why not?

There’s a sales manager who’s territory includes Europe and the Middle East. One of her cubicle walls is covered with postcards from all over the world. Europe, the Middle East and Asia. I’ve told her that I love that wall, and I think she’s proud of it as well. She now has to start a second wall, and she’s going to be in Saudi Arabia next week, so more post cards for her.

So I think my blogging block might be because I really need a vacation. I never go anyway. I’m planning on renting a car in November for a day and visit a few people at the old job, just a few, because I don’t want to see most of them. Hopefully, that day will make me feel a little better, but that’s still a few months from now.

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Aaron said...

Yeah, it happens, and it's normal to get blogger's block. You could start a series of posts on writer's/blogger's block. Just go around the web and amass a whole bunch of useful links. Odds are, there are plenty of other people looking for similar articles, and it's always nice to find them all in one blog entry.