Friday, August 15, 2008

The post that almost was

Ever write someone down and look at in about 30 seconds later and realize that it’s full of shit? I was going to write a blog post about women can find happiness from within and men tend to find it from others or things, and then it occurred to me that, basing that assumption on gender what pretty stupid, and more importantly, incorrect.

I was originally inspired by Jay’s latest post about how she happy, and that it really doesn’t take much to be happy, and I decided to make that claim for all women, then I remembered the gold digger that my dad’s first wife was. Then I was going to make the claim that all men gain happiness from outside, but that’s not necessary true as well. There are men who also have happiness from inner piece.

I’ve always believe that each individual is different and they all choose their own path, and that path has nothing to do with gender, race, personal or religious beliefs, but I was about to spill some bullshit about how women always think this way and men always think that way, but that’s not true. People think as they do because they are individuals, and if they are happy or not, is ultimately based on their choices. I’m happy now because I’ve left my former employer.

I’m just glad that I stopped myself before I wrote a blog post that was total horse shit.

My 2 Bytes.

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