Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This city is starting to suck big time.

Last night I went to look at a place that was $925 a month. All I have to say is, “ARE YOU SHITTING ME?” The thing turned out to be a Bachelor, which meant there was no bedroom, just some half wall thingy (Wouldn’t it have killed them to put in a full wall and a door?), and only a shower instead of full bath. This crappy hole for $925 a month? I would have taken some pictures with my new camera phone (just arrived yesterday) but I didn’t want to offend the landlord, since she was polite, and I think she also knew that this unit was a piece of crap. Actually someone was using it for an office and there were box and box of cigarettes. It’s was pretty bad, but on the positive side, the stove and the dishwasher were never used.

I used to tell people that Calgary was the place to be. I would tell them that the grass was indeed greener, but now I’m officially telling people to STAY AWAY. There are lots of good jobs in Calgary, but right now the cost of living is out of control. I’m now stuck finding a new place and I can see myself paying $1000 a month. I know people with mortgages that are less than that. It is now coming to the point that a company wants to put up a work camp, because of the cost of living.

I’m now at the point where I’m considering moving to Regina. Regina is a lot smaller than Calgary but it cost of living is also manageable. Oh, when I mean manageable, I mean the rent is HALF of Calgary. I need to find a place to live either way and for now I’m now stuck in Calgary for now.

The big issue right now is that Real Estate developers are buying apartment building and converting them to condos and no one is building new apartment building in the city right now, so the supply goes down and demand goes up and……someone can charge $900 for a shitty hole in the ground.

I used to like this city, but right now I think that it’s starting to suck. Sure there are a lot of nice things in the city what’s the point if you cannot afford to do anything,

Oh don’t worry about me. I do have a plan and I can afford $1000 a month, but just barely. That’s why the job hunt is in order after.

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