Thursday, March 08, 2007

Me, them and tomorrow

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend here at work. There appears to be two types of staff;. the haves and the have nots. The one thing that I have also noticed is that the haves are all mostly from head office and the have nots are people from Calgary. This is not acceptable. The worst thing is that I’m borderline have and so the other haves talk to me like I’m one of them.

One was telling me about her trip to London back in January. I can’t afford to go to London, and if I could afford to fly to the UK, I’d be going to Manchester anyway. Today another person was talking about going to Australia for a week. I’m stuck trying to find a nice place to live for under $1000 a month. Oh and a decent condo would cost me over $200,000. I can’t afford it.

The mood at work is getting uglier and uglier. Even more of the experienced people are leaving. I’m actually been here the longest now. This is not a good sign. I just need to get this moving thing over and done with and then I’ll do my job search. I just don’t like what I see here and for the record, I’m underpaid. At the risk of sounding snobbish and self centered. I should be making more than $2 more than a forklift driver.

I’m sure that these feeling will blow over soon and I can go back to being my smart ass self. I desperate want to go back to writing posts about stuff like the poor people who have to clean the set after a film crew shoots a scene in a porno; the quality control people at a dildo manufacturer, or the HR people at the same plant. Would talking about dildos there be sexual harassment or just talking about the product? I miss writing those posts and having Kati comment that I “must have sex on the mind”

We’ll it has to happen. I know it. I’ve done too much to stop now.

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