Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Twitter thing. The next big thing?

Everyone has probably noticed the new Twitter on my blog by now. Scroll down, its on the right and you’ll find it. Twitter is for Microblogging, that is when you only have a thought you want blog but don’t want to write a whole blaa blaa post about it. Oh and for the record, it’s “the next big thing”.

Ok everyone, stop rolling your eyes. The reason I saw this is because a lot of the Geek Culture heavyweights are already on it. People most of you never heard of like Leo Laporte. He’s so big in the geek culture that he’s been on CNN several times and now has a nationally syndicated radio show and he … well you can check his link. I’m not going to plug him anymore because while I’m listed him on my friends list, he doesn’t want to be my friend. FINE!!!.

There are major tech/geek people who are my friends though, people who follow me as well as I follow them. This includes Adam Curry. This guy was a MTV VJ from 1987 to 1994. He’s also big on tech and he is one of the creators of podcasting, his Daily Source Code Podcast rocks. He also follows me so when I wrote “If Chuck Norris blogged, then end of every posting would probably be "and then I kicked his ass"” It appears on his Twitter home page as well. I have the Podfather’s ear.!!!

Andy Walker and Amber Macarthur also follow me on Twitter. They both are former co hosts on Call for Help with Leo (who won’t follow my Twits) Laporte. Again both are fairly well known in the geek/community. Andy started an organization called Little Geeks, that rebuilds old computers for children in need and they also supply a internet connection so they can surf and hopefully inspire them creatively. Amber has since moved onto City TV news where she reports on tech related stores. She can be seen on City TV stations all across Canada and on CP24. Both Andy and Amber also have separate vidcasts. Amber does Command N and does Lab Rats. Both are great shows.

Chris Pirillo and Robert Scoble also follow my twits and they are also major tech players. Chris even has holds a tech conference even year called Gnomedex. He also has a podcast called The Chris Pirillo Show. Also at one point he hosted a show on Tech TV called Call for Help, which has also been hosted by that Leo guy who won’t follow my Twits. Robert Scoble has worked for Microsoft for their Channel 9 podcast, before moving onto Podtech where is now does his own show. Also, he and his wife were also mentioned in the death threats to Kathy Sierra. Oh yeah both are featured in a Jibjab cartoon.

Those are the presently famous people, I managed to get Vics hooked onto, but her argument is that’s there’s not enough room for her to blog her greatness. Give it time Vics. So everyone else should get a Twitter and make me your friend. I promise that I will do that same, unlike Leo Laporte. Pppphhhhttttttt

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