Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Rage is returning

Today is one of those days. Problems keep reoccurring over and over again and I’m starting to hate the people who keep doing things that they know that they are not suppose to be screwing around with the PC's. I don’t want to mention names but some of them can just GO TO HELL. What I don’t understand is do these people know that they are annoying everyone around them? Do they realize that they are MORONS and JACKASSES?

There are some people who act like it’s my sole purpose is to cater to their needs. (Oh, I’m not talking about you Squeak, you ask, you don’t demand and that makes a world of difference. I’ll help you out anytime you need help.) They feel that I have to be subservient to them. The worst was when one told me to get safety cones because of a wet floor, due to an overflowing toilet. She got an ear full from me.

I’ve convinced now that certain people have been created just to annoy the piss out of me. When I lived in Ontario, there was this one person, and everything about her annoyed me to no end. Her nasally whiney voice. How she invited herself to outings. How she had to ask questions in the middle of movies. WHY DO SOME PEOPLE DO THAT? Now the weird thing that I found her genetic sister living here in Calgary. She looks almost exactly like the person in question and based on my brief encounters, she’s just as rude and pathetic. Once again I’ve found proof that God hates me.

However I won’t give up that easily. They will not destroy my will to live.

Mmm I’m starting to sound like the bitter me from before the IT job. This must mean that it is indeed, time to leave. That is, find another job. I’m starting to feel the rage again. I just heard that someone else is giving their notice as I type this post. They are leaving and I am still here. The writing is on the wall. THE INNER RAGE HAS RETURNED.

Yes people, the dread and hatred I felt towards work has returned. It’s not to the point where is was before, but I can feel the rage inside me. It’s defiantly time to move on. Good thing I updated my Resume last week because of the wireless phone incident.

My 2 Bytes.

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