Thursday, September 14, 2006

Clean up your mess

So there’s this guy in Great Britain who’s a ‘street artist’. A professional street artist, who does his work by cleaning walls and sidewalks in order to create his works of art. Basically he picks a spot and cleans away the dirt and filth in a pattern of the piece he wishes to create. Oh and there are some officials who are upset and calling it vandalism.

I looked up “vandalism” in the dictionary and one of the definitions is “Willful or malicious destruction of public or private property”. So this would mean that he is defacing or destroying something. Oh and he uses water and a shoe brush to create his ‘scandalous graffiti’. So, according to these government officials, he’s defacing property by cleaning it.

Now I’m going to throw this idea out in the open and see how far I can take it. Now, let’s say that we wanted to stop this guy from cleaning designs and grafitti into the walls of the town I govern. So instead of complaining and threatening to have this guy arrested, how about you START CLEANING UP YOUR COMMINUTY. How about having city employees sweep the streets, clean the walls and do general upkeep to your community so that it doesn’t look like a pigsty. I’ve seen some of the pictures and they look pretty good. An island of cleanliness in a pigsty community. I think these city officials should be ashamed of themselves.

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