Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The poor poor fashion models

It looks like that I owe the modeling community an apology. For the longest time, I’ve always believed that models were just a bunch of pissed off bitches with attitudes, but now I know what’s really going on. They’re starving. I was reading about how a bunch of models were not allowed to work at some fashion show in Spain because they were underweight. When I observe videos of these women walking down the runway, I thought that that they were thinking that they were better than everyone else around them. Now I realize that they are actually thinking, ‘God, I’m so hungry’.

I applaud the people in the Madrid show in taking a stand in this. People are working so hard to make themselves look like there are starving in order to work for some snobbish agency and some ego driven designer. At last someone is saying, ‘these women don’t look healthy and this is projecting a negative image on young girls’. This is something that I applaud. Oh and the mayor of Milan is looking at doing the same thing, even if they have to make it a law.

Of course there are some people who are saying this is a bad thing. That people want to see underweight models on a runway. Some designers and executives at some of the modeling agencies are going waa waa waa. They thinking that the ‘war torn’ look is what people want. Well guess what? They don’t. Personally I’d be scared to touch these women for fear of accidentally breaking their arms.

I’ll be honest; I think women are more attractive when I can’t see their ribcage. I think women look better when they’re more than skin and bones. I think underweight models are creepy and I hope that one day, very soon, we will move past this disturbing trend. How can people think that these women are attractive when the thought of having sex with them creeps me out? I would constantly be in fear of hearing a ‘crack’ sound.

Oh on a side note. Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell is still a self centered superbitchs so my apology doesn’t extend to them.

My 2 Bytes.

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