Monday, January 31, 2011

Cabin Fever maybe?

Normally I write a title and go from there, but recently, my titles would be, I don't know what to frigging write about. I'd like to think that I'v grown as a person since I started blogging, but that's bullshit. While I have become wiser....screw that. I have not become wiser. I'm no words of wisdom guy. I'm just making this stuff as I go alone.

I spent last weekend being as lazy as possible, just playing videogames and watching TV. I wasn't motivated to go outside, not with the -2000C weather out there. It's still BLEEPing cold outside, so I didn't do anything else.  Therefore, I have nothing to blog about the weekend.

I am looking forward to hopefully being about to buy Comic Con tickets this Saturday. I've been trying to get those damn tickets since November and each time, something happens, and no one is able to get the tickets (ok passes). whatever.

There are people near me, about to take some pictures for some bullshit thing. Not sure what, but they have professional lighting and crap like that. I think there are 10 people here to take pictures of one person. LAME.


Oh yeah, I just got free cake. YAAAA I like free cake,

I wonder if anyone will comment about how this post is just me blabbering?

One thing I'm looking forward to is finding out why pants is a dirty word in the UK, and why fanny means the front end of a woman's hoo hoo, as opposed to her ass.

Should I just be Twittering this?

Oh I read that some media outlets have decided that February is No Sarah Palin month. I'm looking forward to seeing how long that will last. A whole month without Sarah Palin on the news, with the exception of Fox News of course.

Ok I have nothing else. I'll try again tomorrow.

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