Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah Palin needs to go away, and not come back

I normally don't (ok, rarely) blog about US politics, but I can't take this woman anymore. In my opinion, she's selfish and a liar, and she constantly shows the worst part of humanity. She needs to shut the hell up and go away and quit being the queen of angry rhetoric.

She makes comments like "Don't Retreat, INSTEAD Reload", and then has cross-hairs drawn on the US map, targeting districts, including the one where Congresswoman Gifford was shot. She was condemned for it before and is surprised that it's happening now? Now she's screaming like she's the victim here? What about Congresswoman Gifford?

Now while she's screaming about how she's of the victim here for being blamed for in sighting that crazy person to do what he did, she claims that she's a victim of "blood libel". Too bad she doesn't know what that means. That term has many meanings from blaming the Jews for the death of Christ to a myth about Jews drinking the blood of non jews. Again, she need to shut her friggin hole.

Unless you don't follow US politics, and many don't, there a huge problem with angry rhetoric by the right wing for the past few years, and it's getting worse. It got to the point where members of a Tea Party (a right wing organization), mistakenly posted the address of a congressman's brother online. I say mistaken because they meant to post the congressman's home address. As a result, someone went to that home and cut the gas line. This is not how responsible people act. We were lucky that no one was killed then, unlike this time.

It is beyond me, that Palin refuses to admit that she has to far and needs to tone it back. Instead, she and Rush Limbaugh, and Glen Beck and screaming about how they are the victims, instead of doing the right thing.
However I will give Mr Beck credit for condemning what has happened right away, but then he seemed to go back to his old ways, as well as reading email from Sarah Palin about what happened. The coward waited days after before saying anything and all she did was scream about being a victim.

The good news is that some of the right are seeing reason and Roger Ailes has told all the pundits at Fox News to "Tone it Down". I applaud him for that. While I do not agree with a lot of what Mr Ailes does, he does realize that this is going to far.

It really amazes me that in the light of recent events, all she can do is think of herself. Well you go again Sarah Palin, think about yourself all you want. Most of us won't.

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