Friday, January 21, 2011

I still not there yet,

There is a huge problem when you live life day by day which I an doing right now. You become friggin boring and you can't think of anything interesting to write about. I partly blame the IT work world that I live in, and....ok I blame the IT work world.

I used to be a lot more interesting, blogging about different things, but I think I've fallen into a rut. Actually I'm scared that I'm becoming my father. Others will disagree, but I believe that he was the dullest man on the face of the earth. I will not become my father.

I remember when I would scour the web for things to blog about, like giant boob soap dispensers for the the shower, or other stuff that was absolute crap, but dammit I loved crap. Someone has to go through the web find find you the best of Internet crap and I was doing that.

I'm winging this blog post, and many (ok 2 of you) tell me that this is when I'm at my best. When I just pulled stuff out of my ass, and I apparently pulled a lot of stuff out of there. Should I be worried about airport security?

Another problem is time. Right now I'm blogging during lunch on my crappy laptop, and until a few minutes ago I was battling an issue with the touch pad. I was typing away and suddenly I was typing on another line. I recommend TouchFreeze for that problem, and it's freeware. Ok that's my geek tip of the day.

I need to retrain myself, to blog about whatever. I used to have a problem with censoring myself, but that has to stop. I keep talking about doing that, but that's just talk, I need to do.

I think I need to go back to Digg,. I have an account, but I haven't been there for awhile. That might be it, or I just need to wait for another right wing pundit to really piss me off, like Sarah Palin does lately. Heck, Sarah Palin was a nobody when I started to blog.

Yes this has become just a rambling session, but something good has come from it, I've finally fixed the damn sensitive touch screen problem. YAAAA.

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