Monday, February 25, 2008

Organic Tree Hugger Yogurt

The second job has introduced me to a lot of people, and situations that I find somewhat odd, but yesterday I met a real wacko, excuse me a customer with very specific needs. This woman, with a man (he might have been her son), comes up to me while I’m putting the sales tickets on the yogurt and asks me where the organic yogurt is? The organic yogurt? Isn’t all yogurt organic? I look at her, then look left and right among the rows and rows of yogurt, and then say “All the yogurt is here”, then she starts talking about stuff that I have no friggin idea about.

At this point I’m wondering if it says “Yogurt Consultant” on my name tag (yes I have a name tag in the grocery store job). Personally I couldn’t give a damn if a container of yogurt is organic or not. Anyway she starts complaining about how’s there’s not enough organic products in the store and starts going through the containers. I just wanted to say, “listen you old hippie, if you want organic food, then go to the natural food store, or better yet, go outside and chew on a twig. You think the grocery store pays me enough to put up with your bullshit?”, but of course I was polite and identified the store name organic brand which didn’t include yogurt.

What really annoys me about these health nuts is that they always look the same. Long messed up hair, and a face that looks like it was sandblasted. I guess they don’t make organic conditioner either. Sheesh. Here’s my theory about these people; they’re former crack addicts and are hoping that the organic food is going to repair the damage to their bodies that the crack addiction. We’ll it’s not going to work. I mean really, I lot of them look like Chong from Cheech and Chong. Oh but Chong can afford plastic surgery.

Then again, my opinion of her might have been based on the fact that a few hours earlier, I was listening to a audio book, a Tom Clancy book, where some eco-terrorists were creating a biological weapon to devastate the world’s population so that “Mother Earth” could heal herself. I might have been influenced by that…NAAAA GO EAT A TWIG you TREE HUGGER, I’m enjoy a STEAK!!.

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