Thursday, February 07, 2008

I go off about stupid people...again

I admit, that I’m not…typical. I’m the type of person who tries to change things up and try new things, but I always keep my sanity. I know that some things are out of line, like…stealing a woman’s purse and cell phone and then sucking her toes.., or to put a seat belt on a 24 case of beer and leave a 16 month old baby unsecured in the back seat. I’m crazy but not stupid.

First thing I want to know is why would a theft want to stop and suck his victims toes? Now I’m not naïve, and I know that there are people with really strange fetishes out there (and I’m not talking about my Superhero fetish… I mean WHAT FETISH). If you’re into sucking women’s toes, fine. I’m sure that there are women who wouldn’t mind having their toes sucked on, but not when the other party is stealing your purse and cell phone,. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY?

The same can be said for the women who somehow managed to mix up her baby and a case of beer. Secure the beer, and let the baby fly? Oh and YES, she was on drugs. BEHOLD the Britney Spears of the next generation.

I keep wondering what the hell is wrong with these people. Why are people getting dumber and dumber? Is it because of someone peeing in the gene pool? Is it because natural selection has been eliminated from daily life? I think we should stop enforcing helmet and seatbelt laws and see what happens.

Let’s remove the Danger signs from areas that are obviously dangerous and see if we can get rid of the dumb people. The problem with that is the lawyers who are the WORST. They know about law, but not much else. They don’t understand the real world; they just understand a bunch of rules that were written by a bunch of old rich guys. I think lawyers should be forced to wear electronic collars that zap them, every time they say something STUPID. Things like, “ripping your CD’s to move them to your MP3 player is stealing”. I guess I’m one of those modes where I believe that Idiocracy is a warning. Wait, I think that all the time.

Honestly, it amazes me how people can be stupid. Either is people like those two, lawyers, or people who turn religion in an excuse to hate. I admit that I’m not the most devout person when it comes to religion, but I’m pretty sure that God Doesn’t Hate anybody, except perhaps people who use his name to instill hate onto others. Again, I know that I not qualified to know how God thinks, but if someone were to use my name to instill hatred and harm others for their beliefs or lifestyles, I’d be pretty pissed. People shouldn’t use God’s name to be stupid.

It seems to be that people have many reasons to be stupid, but why isn’t there doesn’t appear to be reasons to be smart, other than not appearing on the Best Person or Worst Person segments on Countdown with Keith Olbermann (I think that guy rock). Just for the record, I assure you there are benefits to not being stupid, like being arresting for sucking a woman’s toes.

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