Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Why didn't i think of that?

There’s this guy in Winnipeg, He’s a real entrepreneur. He’s a really smart guy. He’s had combined two of my favorite things into a great business idea. Pizza and pornography (oh maybe not my absolute FAVORITE things). This guy has set up a delivery-only Pizza business called Porno Pizza. How this works is quite simple; on the bottom of the box, where there’s usually a piece of cardboard, now sits a pornographic image. Oh and you need to be years or older to order from this place.

From what I hear, the images can range in “substance” from Playboy-like to some really nasty stuff. After reading the article, I learned that the vast majority of his customers are women. So women are ordering the nasty pizzas. I’ve always known that women were closet perverts. Either that or Winnipeg has a high Lesbian population.

Once of my theory is that they are messing around with their boyfriends heads. A guy grabs a slice, and then sees part of the image and says “I didn’t order beaver with this pizza”, or suddenly discovering that the pizza came with “extra sausage”.

Of course there are some sour people out there saying that “Children will be exposed to the pornography” and “It’s sinful and wrong”. All I can say about this is that people can always order pizza from somewhere else and these days children can find porn on the Internet so easily, so I’m not buying their arguments. I just think they have lousy lovers and if they can’t enjoy sex then they don’t want anyone else to enjoy it either. That’s just a theory though.

If you really think about it, this business is just a new take on the classic bit when the pizza guy ends up delivering more than just the pizza. You know, the women answers the door and the guy says, here’s you pizza and here’s you pepperoni, and then the cheesy music starts. So there always has been a connection between pizza and smut.

My 2 Bytes.

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