Monday, July 16, 2007

Almost there, almost

Once again I discovered another hurdle with the credit card processing. I need to change my business account to a US funds account. Nice of these guys to tell me this. I'm starting to get red up with these guys. The site is functional, the bank has been very helpful, it's the damn credit card processing people. I'll be glad once these people are taken care of, and I'm able to go live. I've put so much into this thing. I've so close to victory that I can taste it. I just need this last piece of the puzzle to fit in the picture of me giving my employer the bird, and the piece doesn't want to fit. I keep telling myself that I'll know in the future. In the future I'll know how to deal with these clowns. I'll know how to get everything rolling. I'll be able to use that knowledge in the future.

What really surprises me is how unhelpful these guys are, and I'm going to be paying THEM, A monthly see and a transaction fee. You'd think they would be more helpful since I'm the customer. Now I know that your wondering why don't I switch companies? We'll the truth is that I've already prepaid these guys. Long story and it doesn't need to be talked about. Bottom line is that I know better.

Also, I want to thank Jay, Vics and Stef for their input on the site. Their input was extremely helpful and I've sent you all a "thank you" in the mail. Jay already got hers and she appears to like it.

So once again I'm shooting for the weekend for the "Official" Launch. Some of you have said that they would plug the site on their blogs, and I appreciate it. I'll thank them soon, after I'm at the point where I can travel and visit. Yes I said travel. I'm planning a trip to Toronto in the fall and Manchester in the late spring. I'm going to Toronto first since I won't need a passport. There's some really good people out there and I want to buy them a meal (and I was warned about Stef's bottomless stomach). It's just a small way of saying thanks.

I'll let everyone know how things go after this visit to the "Bank". I do need to say one thing though, The Bank has been really helpful during this, and I thought Banks were supposed to be the evil ones. Maybe Canadian Banks aren't as bad.

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