Thursday, July 19, 2007

More HR Person

I feel a need to explain the whole crazed HR thing. It all started when I was writing something on the back of a post card. She asked me who I was sending the card to, and I explained my desire to drive someone insane by constantly sending this person mail. It was soon after that I disclosed the blog to this person. Now normally I would never disclosed the existence of my blog to anyone at work, (with a few exceptions) but this person and I tend think on the same wavelength, (though no matter how many times she requests it, she’s not getting a pink laptop), but sometimes her imagination get’s the best of her.

Soon after this person starting looking at my blog and my links she started talking about an episode of Law and Order and how I was going to end up dead. She apparently believes that when I meet someone in my blogroll, it’s going to result in my demise.

The last thing I want to do is make fun of the HR person (but I’m going to anyway) but I do not believe that anyone on my blogroll holds any malice for me. I believe that everyone on my blogroll are kind hearted and I wish the best from them I’m confident that they are not out to kill me. So the HR person is acting a little crazy, but also had a kind heart, despite our mutual hatred of stupid people.

The only problem is that she’s constantly trying to set me up with someone. She’s playing the “miss matchmaker” thing a little too far. Once upon a time I had Dr. Cheryl worrying about this but HR person is worse. Also the HR person wants my business to succeed to I can by her a BMW convertible. The more I think about it, the more I think that the danger is coming from the HR person (insert Dramatic music here).

Oh good news, the credit card processing thing had been resolved, at least the part with the bank. They did request a minor change to the site, which I have done. Now hopefully I’ll go able to go “live” by the beginning of next week.

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