Thursday, July 12, 2007

"The Office" my version

Jay said that I may have a Office Dilbert/Sage thing happening and perhaps she’s right. After all I would never question the wisdom of Canada’s finest blogger. Why she hasn’t appeared on The Hour, yet is beyond me. Apparently she has noticed my ability to see what office life is REALLY like. I believe that it’s time to test my theory.

I spent part of yesterday rearranging the stationary shelves. Bear in mind that I’m an IT person. At least I was able to get someone in the warehouse to throw the garbage out, so I didn’t have to leave the climate controlled comfort of the office. So from one moment I’m the IT Guru and then next I’m rearranging the office supplies. Meanwhile the ‘boss” keeps telling me “I know your IT but…” At least one of the HR people helped me, so it didn’t seemed like I was being singled out, but still…

I try not to talk about work because, let’s face it; very little people enjoy their jobs. If you enjoy what you do, you’re either self employed, making a six figure income or mentally challenged. There’s no other way around it. Working for someone else, sucks. That’s why I’m going to ‘go it alone”.

This is what I’ve noticed. There are two types of people, the people who whine about a situation and the time who do something about it. This place is FULL of people of people who whine. WAHH I DON’T WANT OVERTIME. WAHH I WANT OVERTIME. WAHH I WANT MORE MONEY.WAHH WAHH ME ME ME. I’ve experienced that level of frustration, but the difference is that I’ve done something about it. I went and earned a degree and now I’m starting my own business.

I’ve seen many types of management around here. We tend to got through managers like Paris Hilton goes through blank videotapes. I’ve seen the hand on micromanager, and the ivory tower manager and everything in between. Personally I despise the Ivory tower manager. This is a person who never leaves their office and only takes the word of the supervisor without looking at the facts. Personally I hate those types of people. One day after I have the business working, I hope to meet this guy and tell him how I really feel.

I really don’t like to blog about the work environment because to be honest, it’s not a pleasant thing to blog about. The office environment is just a stupid place to be. The movie “Office Space” got the whole work environment thing right. The manager who only talks and doesn’t listen and the guy in the far corner muttering about “setting the building on fire”. I might not be the person who wants to set the building on fire, but I know who that person is. Sometimes that doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

My 2 Bytes.

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