Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Student Loan Bullshit

Just when I think I’m getting ahead, I’m apparently not. It’s still depressing to the point that I’m reconsidering selling toast on EBay, Ok this is what happened. I seemed to have a fair bit of extra cash is month so I put it away only to discover that my student loan payment never came out. WHY ARE THEY MESSING WITH MY HEAD LIKE THIS?
So as a result, I made the payment myself.

What really bothers me if that I thought I was ahead. I really did. I thought that I was starting to get some breathing room and I could start putting some money away but NOOOOOOO. Mr. Student Loan people decided that it would be fun to yank my chain around a bit. This has really pissed me off.

It’s not like I spent the money on something like an artificial vagina (just seeing if your paying attention,) or anything like that. I still had the money and as a result, I could make the payment. I was fine. I have the money. They just decided not to withdraw the money. It’s not like my student loan is paid off or anything like that (Oh I wish). I know it still exists and I know that I owe the money so WHY DIDN’T YOU TAKE IT. Were you planning to wait a month and call and act like a bunch of assholes and claim that they didn’t get the money? That was it, wasn’t it? Well guess what Student Loan assholes. I caught you and I’m going to continue watching you until I get this debt paid off so until then SCREW YOU.!!!

My 2 bytes.

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