Thursday, February 23, 2006

Marketing Bullcrap

The marketing weasels are driving me insane. One February 15th I saw that the Easter crap was already in the stores. Why don’t you just quit pissing around and leave the Christmas crap all year round? Honestly, it really bothers me how all this crap comes out so quickly. How they find a way to commercialize almost every holiday. I’m glad that they haven’t found a way to market Remembrance Day.

I can see the Valentine’s stuff but how the heck did the chocolate eggs get involved in Easter? I know that the Ukrainians would color eggs for the holiday (I don’t know how that tradition started), but where did the bunny come from and where the heck did the Easter cream eggs come from after? I’m just sick of the marketing crap. Everyone has these little displays, trying to make their crap look better than everyone else crap while it’s all crap to begin with.

A personal favorite was a display for Trojan condoms at a drug store. Which was fine but right around the corner was a display for Pepto Bismol. Great, condoms beside something used for diarrhea. I wonder what other kind of marketing miss matches we can find out there. It reminds me of the joke about the guy trying to sell a lawn mover to a man picking up tampons for his wife; his thinking? You’re not going to be doing anything else so you might as well mow the lawn.

I’ve noticed that I’m sort of straining but I’m just writing about whatever and I swear that I won’t see selling this crap for $19.95. Actually I’ve killed the banner since I’m seriously pissed with them and I just found out that Canflix also has an affiliate program so odds are I’m going to put on of their banner up instead. (I am so pissed at Zip for this Threshold stunt).

I guess I’m a slave to it after all but at least I don’t try to force this seasonal crap on everyone. AM I MAKING ANY SENSE OR IS THIS THE BOOZE TALKING?

My 2 bytes.

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