Monday, February 27, 2006

Canadian TV, my youth and the shock.

I was going to post on the weekend but that would have interfered with my City of Heroes ‘time’. Actually I just ended up playing longer than I planned on both Saturday and Sunday, but I CAN QUIT WHENEVER I WANT. So instead I’ve decided to blog at work (during my break or lunch, HONEST).

So last night I’m playing City of Heroes and I’ve having a conversation with my friend Echo II, then out of the blue, he comments on how she watched Mr. Dressup as a kid. At first I was blown away at how an American could know about this show which was a major part of Canadian culture. Then he admitted that he grew up in Detroit and watched CBC programming from across the river. Oh and he knew about the Friendly Giant as well.

Oh and for the record, Mr. Dressup 'jumped the shark' the day Casy and Finnigan were replaced.

It always amazes me how Canadian TC shows are known all over the world. I still remember being shocked to discover that Vics knew about the Littlest Hobo, another show from my youth. It was cross between Lassie and the Incredible Hulk. Lassie because the main character was a dog who helped people and the Incredible Hulk, because like Bill Bixby, the dog would take off at the end of each episode and hitch a ride with a stranger. Well apparently this show was on in the UK.

Now I know that some shows like SCTV, Red Green, and Due South have aired all over the world, but it’s these small Canadian productions that shock me.

Oh does anyone remember the Beachcombers?

My 2 bytes.

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