Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Quarter Assed Post

I found a free site that does spell checking for all of those times that I dont have access to a decent spell checker and it's a good thing too because my last post was a grammar nightmare.

I choose to blame it on the fact that my heart wasn't quite in it because I was so tired and I felt a little lost but HOLY CRAP. My spelling was AWFUL. So I want to take the time to apologize to everyone for that quarter assed post (It wasn't even good enough to call half assed).

Anyway I've discovered Orangoo to help me with my spelling. It works a lot better than Blogger's spellcheck. Also no logging in and it's free.

Oh yeah, it Valentine's day and since I'm a single male, I thought BIG FRIGGIN WHOOPEE. Though there was an awkward moment where a black man was staring at me while he rubbed one of his nipples (and his name was Delroy). So other than that, I have NOTHING. Perhaps tomorrow I can at leasted halfed ass. Perhaps I'll have something that will entice people to make comments that don't make me grin. !!! I'm a closet pervert and I still find nipples on mannequins interesting.

OH AND WHO IS THE ASSHOLE WHO DECIDED THAT mannequin should have a BLEEPIN Q in it. OK I've decided that the letter Q is the gay letter. It's in Queer and Queen. It's a homosexual letter. It always has to have the letter u beside it. Is the U, Q's longtime companion??? So Q is the gay letter and U is the one who's in the closet.

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