Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The last 28 minutes of work

I’m bored right now. I’m sitting in my office at work wonder what to do. It’s about 27 minutes till quitting time and I have no interest in starting something new..

Ok now it’s 26 minutes and I’m looking at that stupid paperclip that is suppose to give advice with Microsoft office, but in fact it’s just a pain in the ass.

Well it’s 25 minutes until quitting time. Someone walked into the office and is working at the other desk. The beauty thing is that it appears that I’m working by typing this so no one is going to mess with me right now. HA HA HA

Alright now its 24 minutes and things are BORING. I’ve adjusted my monitor, just slightly, just in case some comes by and tries to look at my screen. Well if they do, then they will get a good smack from me as I look again at the clock and see that now I have 22 minutes to go.

Now at the 21 minute mark, I look at a RF scanner gun that needs some new screws. The handle and trigger came off and needs to be fixed. The good news is that I can do it in house without having to send the gun away. Have to get the maintenance guy to pick up some screws and that’s it.

Well I have 18 minutes to go. Yes, less than 20 minutes now. I was talking with a Lead Hand and she doesn’t know that I’m typing but that’s OK, she’s annoyed at someone else. I won’t mention this person’s name because she’s scared the detective’s from CSI will talk to her after I die in an unusual way.

14 minutes now and I’m think WOOT. Less than 15 to go. I’m thinking that I will probably post this at 3 minutes to, just so that I’m not messing around. Did I mention that I was still on an hourly wage? Maybe in the near future, they will putt me on Salary.

At 10 minutes the female lead hand was nice enough to say that I smell like Poo. She’s such a charmer. Oh and then she asked me for help with Excel. To make matters worse. I did help her.

Here we are at 8 minutes and counting. I had to help her again. Someone’s phone just rang and it wasn’t mine. THANK GOD IT WASN’T MINE.

Back from the washroom and my bladder thanks me for it. I have about 4 minutes to go. I put on my coat and shoes but I’m not exactly thrilled with the idea of walking out in the cold weather right now. I might wait a few extra minutes inside before heading out. I personally think that Calgary Transit is trying to get me to freeze my ass off.

Last 2 minutes and I check my e-mail one last time. Someone might have sent something to me at the last minute. Mmmmm the new hot girl just walked by. HEH HEH. I never drool in public.

Ok that’s it. QUITING TIME. Time to post this puppy and go home.

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