Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I've never seen anything like this before

Today I saw something that I hope I never see again. I saw sadness, pain and sorrow of such magnitude that I think I’m going to remember this for the rest of my life. I have never seen such a display of raw emotion before and I pray that I never see it again.

This is what happened. I’m at work, setting down to write some e-mails about work related items when I start to hear sobbing. I stop for a moment, at first thought that it might be laughing and I listen for a moment but then I come to the conclusion that it is definitely sobbing. I get up and walk out of my office to investigate and I see some other people around also trying to find the source of the sobbing. Soon after I find out that it’s coming from the locker room. I see one woman holding onto another, crying and it seems to be getting more intense by the moment. I look at a co-worker and he tells me that the person’s sister had died and she just found out. I pause to consider giving my condolences but I decide that she’s not going to hear me away so I make my way back to my office.

When I get back, I notice that it seems to be getting worse and worse. She’s really taking it hard. I look back and she’s collapsed on the floor crying. This has gone beyond normality in my opinion. This isn’t something that I normally see here. This is starting to look like something I see on CNN, when they cover some disaster that has occurred in India. Bottom line, while I do feel for her, at the same time, I’m getting creeped out.

One thing that I’ve considered now that I think about it is the level of the family bond from that part of the world. Over here we tend to get annoyed by family and even shun some of them but perhaps over their, they understand the importance of family. It reminds me of how I cried more over the death of my dog as opposed to my grandmother. Maybe I’m the one with whacked out priorities?

Either way, I do feel bad for this person who lost her sister today. While I choose not to reveal names, I do hope that her sister is now in God’s loving arms.

My 2 bytes.

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