Monday, April 12, 2010

The opportunites keep moving farther and farther, but not too far

I got another call today for a possible job. It's further towards the end of the city then where I am now, and I'd have to take a bus. YUCK. Then again... it's not a contract job. It's a real job and I would be secure.

I think this good be a good opportunity, and I perhaps this could be the one job that I get...other than the contract job which has no security, or benefits. Which is why I'm still looking elsewhere for work.

I looked at the job description again, and I didn't think that I would get a call back. I'm missing a small part of the requirements, but maybe I can get trained on the job. I have played with SQL in the past.

I'm not going to mention who the job is with...just that I hope this is the permanent job that comes through for me. I hate this contract thing...which wouldn't be so bad except I'm only guaranteed a job till the end of April. There's an option for more work...but it's just an option. I don't like staking my future on an "option".

I'd would like it if I got hired here, but at this point, I don't have a confirmation, so until then I'll keep looking for other jobs.

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