Friday, February 27, 2009

Yadda Chicag Yadda Comic Con Yadda Whatever

I’m bored again. This isn’t a good thing because, well. I don’t like being bored. I’m still thinking about my vacation in August. What will I do, and what will I see in Chicago? It has come to the point where I’ve made a list of things that I might see, and what I should be careful of.

I’m hoping to see a parade, so I can grab a microphone and start singing Twist and Shout like Ferris Beuller did.

I’m going to be weary of anyone who looks like Carrie Fisher, because I know she’ll have a rocket launcher, and explosives on her. I saw that on the Blues Brothers. As well, I’ll have to watch out for the Illinois Nazis, and the 20 car pileups of Chicago Police Cruisers.

I also know that if I see a one armed man, go the other way.

I’m actually hoping to meet Oprah, because I figure there’s a good chance that she’ll give me a car.

I might the Chicago Superfan guys, and see one of them have another heart attack.


I keep thinking about that trip, and I can’t wait. Time keeps dragging, but at least I have the Calgary Con to keep me happy. They just announced Sean Astin will be there. For non geeks, he played Sam in the Lord of the Ring movies, as well as Mikey, in The Goonies.

I’m really looking forward to the Calgary Con, as much as the Chicago trip. I feel like the local convention is the half way point between now and Chicago, and from what I’ve seen. Chicago won’t have much more than Calgary. They even announced the Soup Nazi guy from Seinfeld will be there.

I could go on, about how cool it will be to go to the Ando from Heroes panel, and how I love the costume contests, but I would just bore you all. That is the weekend I release my Geekness.


It’s 4:30pm on a Friday afternoon and a lot of people have left for a weekend skiing, through the company. My old company would never do this, and I noticed that even the former CFO is joining them. This is a great place to work, and they do a lot of stuff like that, but I’m still to poor to join. Let me rephrase that, I’m too focused on getting out of debt to join. I don’t even go out for the weekly wings and beer night at a nearby pub. I just keep focusing on the debt.

One good thing has happened lately. I got a raise from the second job at Safeway, and it’s a rather substantial one at that. I’m getting an extra $100 a month now. That’s pretty good considering that I only work 12 hours a week at the second job.

I keep seeing May as when things will change moneywise. I’ll have 1 debt paid off, and I’ll start doing the Wednesday Wings thing. Someone has even marked it on their calendar, so they won’t forget. I’m actually looking forward to it.

My 2 Yaddy Yadda Bytes.


Jay said...

Yay May!
I mean, I'm not a wings girl myself, but I'll be happy for you. :)

E said...

I am so proud you are working to destroying your debit but PLEASE don't not enjoy life while you are doing it. Going to the weekly wings & beer once in awile would be good for you and you don't have to spend a lot when you are there. And it would be dinner so the $$ you would have spent on dinner can be what you spend at wings/beer. I can be the same way with my money.... Even when I have 'a little extra' it is so hard for me to spend even $1. But getting out and spending time with people really is important. If it takes you another week or even another month to pay everything off...your goal will still be reached.
I've been to Chicago once (if you don't count changing planes at O'Hare airport) but I was in 2nd grade and don't remember much. I know it was very windy (hahaha!) and cold and my mother had only brought 1 glove for me and my hands were freezing. You will have such a fun trip!!:) ~E