Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pot and Ball Cancer

For the record, I have never smoked pot. Not once, and I can prove it. I don’t have testicular cancer. There’s a study out that shows men who smoke heavy amounts of marijuana are more likely to get “ball” cancer. Personally think this is great news. Think about it, stoners who smoke a lot of pot, get ball cancer, and don’t reproduce. This could save the gene pool, but probably not.

Odds are, the guys who would catch this would be smart people who smoked once or twice in University. Why are Motley Crue still walking around? What about Cheech and Chong? Do they secretly have no balls? I’m sure Tommy Lee does, because I saw that video with Pam (Like you’re not curious).

Personally, I think this is a ploy to get guys to stop smoking pot. For decades, there have been anti drug initiates and none of them have really worked, so some people in a boardroom started to brainstorming and someone came up with, “If you smoke pot, your balls will fall off”. Now I think this is brilliant, except for some small factor. These guys are already stupid. I remember getting into a conversation (ok it was an argument), with my sister when I discovered she was smoking. I remember saying, how bad it was, and her response was, “they just say that”. To which I replied “Why do you think they put the warning on the package? For marketing reasons?” Needless to say, my sister still smokes.

I really don’t think this study is going to have much effect on pot smokers. I’ve heard pot smokers come up with fact after fact about how pot is safe, and about pot in general. My favorite is “if you legalized marijuana, the crime rate would drop X percent”. Well guess what Einstein, if you legalized rape, the crime rate would also drop. Personally, I don’t think legalizing rape is a good idea. As for legalizing Pot…I don’t give a crap anymore either way. I don’t do it, and never will.

I just wonder about one thing about getting “ball cancer” from pot smoking. I thought you were supposed to smoke it through your mouth?

My 2 Bytes.


Dan Flynn said...


My thoughts exactly re the cannabis message. It's a scam to stop men smoking the stuff. I decided sometime ago to ignore all these food warnings when things that used to be good for us became bad for us and are now good for us once again. I read last week in the UK press that eggs are good for us again, as is wine, cheese, fat, chocolate and other things that we were previously warned would give us cancer. Not sure they'll ever rehabilitate gamma radiation or the ebola virus though. Mind you who would want them to... but then again we live in green times and both radiation and viruses are natural phenomenon. If it happens I'm sure we'll hear it first in shampoo ads, "Want to keep hair fresh? For eternity? Then Gamma's for you. Just stick your head in this tube and think ahhhhh..." or "Ebola. The laughing face scrub. Laugh while you scrub your face right off. Available also as a wipe."
Hmmmm, I feel a campaign coming on.

Anonymous said...

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Jess said...

Everything gives your cancer. EVERYTHING.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...


Knock me over with a feather!