Monday, January 08, 2007

It's return of the Yadda Yadda

I couldn’t sleep last night. I just laid in my bed for hour after hour, so around midnight I did something. What I did was clean my bathroom and kitchen. I scrubbed the floors, I scrubbed my kitchen sink, my bathroom sink, my bathtub and I even cleaned my toilet. They way I figured it, at least I would have a nice clean bathtub waiting for me this morning. If this happens again, I’m going to scrub out my refrigerator.

Now I’m not sure what to talk about, but that hasn’t stop be before, has it?

Oh I discovered a new search engine today; a search engine with an attitude. I’m talking about Ms. Dewey. You type in your search term, you wait a bit and she gives you some spiel before the rather limited search results. This woman does have an attitude, so much so that found myself typing terms like …..well let’s put it this way, at one point she threatened to call the Justice Dept. Worth a look.

Time online did a bunch of top 10 list of 2006. The thing that interested me is in the topics of Podcasts, only 1 out of the 10 was something that I heard of, and of the top 10 TV shows, I only liked numbers 7 and 8. I should make my own top 10 lists of top 10 bullshits top ten lists. Out of their top ten websites, the only one I heard of was Newsvine. Where the hell was Digg? Ok I know most of you never heard of Digg., but then again, I bet you didn’t know about Newsvine either.

Oh there’s this new Canadian comedy airing tomorrow called Little Mosque on the Prairie. Its about Muslims who live in a small prairie town. I’ll give the show a chance. I saw preview where some of the characters were preparing to have an open house in the mosque and the main character was trying to convince his father that hey should change the welcome sign saying ‘Welcome Infidels’ to something else. Oh and the show was created by a Muslim woman. She’s trying to show that Muslims have a sense of humour. I wish her luck and that Canadians and Americans who live close to the Canadian border enjoys the show.

Lastly I want to know how long Rosie O’Donnell has been delusional. Now she thinks that Donald Trump is obsessed with her? Why isn’t it that she can’t keep her bleeping mouth shut. She has to piss everyone off. She was accusing Kelly Rippa as being a homophobe because she was mad that Clay Aiken put his hand over her mouth. Even other members of that View show said that it has nothing to do with gayness and Clay hasn’t come out of any closet. He might be a bit poofy, but that doesn’t mean he’s gay, or does it? Maybe Rosie’s gaydar is going off? Either way Rosie, SHUT THE FUCK UP !!!

Oh and I’m sorry for making all the children cry with the Celine Dion video.

My 2 Bytes.

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