Thursday, June 22, 2006

Leave the CBC alone eh!

WARNING THIS POST IS 100% CANADIAN. If you don't know who Stompin Tom Conner's is, Canoed down a river or worn a toque to keep your head warm, this post may not makes sense.

I’m such a healthy guy. Just look at my breakfast; 3 Sausage McMuffins, a liter of Iced Tea and a 75g bag (do the conversion yourself) of Old Dutch Corn Chips I bet people are wondering why I haven’t dropped from a heart attack yet. Now that I have my bad eating habits in the open I want to talk about something very Canadian, The CBC.

I was reading about how the CBC is planning to bump The National, so they can air a U.S. reality show. Oh and before everyone freaks out that that this is a sign of the apocalypse, the CBC is planning to do a Canadian version of the show, so it’s not as big a deal as everyone may think.

First off, the national has been bumped on a nightly basis ever since the playoffs started. People were forced to watch The National in that small window between the early and late hockey game, so it’s not the first time. As well, the CBC has come to realize that airing old episodes of Front Page Challenge and 2 back to back episodes of Coronation Street (oh and tonight episode, Danny pretends to go on a business trip, WHO THE HELL IS DANNY?). Wait a minute; they’re also airing the 2006 NHL awards tonight, so it’s not all bad.

Oh and before someone asks why the CBC airs so much Hockey, the answer is THEY MAKE MONEY DOING IT. Playoff time for the CBC is like Christmas time at Wal-Mart. Major money is made.

As well, they’re try and trying very hard. Real Canadian still enjoy the Royal Canadian Air Farce (All Hail the Chicken Cannon) and while This Hour Has 22 Minutes has gone down hill since most of the original cast has left, its still isn’t a bad show. I also hear that George Stroumboulopoulos’s is moving to the CBC from CBC Newsworld. As well, the CBC has the Grey Cup, more Hockey and if were lucky, Curling. (Don’t make fun of curling, it’s a Canadian thing, Check out Men with Broom on DVD if you still don’t understand it.)

Oh I also heard that there are some people in the government who want to turn the CBC into a non commercial station, a la PBS. Alright government, the day I start seeing pledge drives on the CBC is the day I’m going to fly to Ottawa, and beat these guys to an inch of their lives with a Hockey stick and then politely clean up the mess with a Curling broom and leave them some Tim Horton’s Timbits. Let the CBC thrive and for Gods sake, don’t thry to bring back Front page Challenge or The Beachcombers.

My 2 bytes.

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