Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's HOT as Balls in here

Ever have one of those posts that was going nowhere? I just spent 15 minutes writing about crap. Something about how equipment was failing, and I was blaming the Tech God. What kind of crap have I been drinking.

I think the problem is that sometimes I just try too hard. Right now I;m just writing whatever comes to into my mind right now. No plan, just random Blaa Blaa and to be honest, I think this is turning out better.

Right now its HOT as Hell’s Balls and my apartment is pretty warm. NOTE TO SELF,. Next place I move to will have AIR CONDITIONING. The thing that is annoying is that there’s isn’t much of a point in putting in an air conditioner because of the 1/8 inch crack under my door. It’s enough to let the cool air escape.

The big problem is that this place was designed to keep heat in. Something about Canadian winters I guess. On the other hand, our pipes don’t freeze.

I’m officially blaming the heat for the last of ideas on this post now. My mind isn’t thinking clearly. I’m thinking stuffing ice cubes down my pants wouldn’t be a bad idea right now.

Sorry I need a cold shower, so I won’t pass out from the heat.

My 2 bytes.

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