Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I’m feeling lost right now. I’m started on a new opportunity, but I’m feeling a little lost. About a week ago, I was laid off from my IT job in the oil and gas industry, and within a week, I managed to get a new job. A good thing, right? Well my bank account thinks so, but I think I’m suffering from a bit of cultural shock.  Right now it’s really slow, and that bothers me. It’s hard to get into the flow of things when it’s slow.
I also fear change.

I’m going to be honest here.  I miss my old co-workers, and I know some of them miss me. I’ve been in contact with a few of them and even the team lead wants to get together sometime soon. Losing my job was about finance, and not work performance.

I also miss the breakfast buffet on the main floor on Fridays. It would include a big helping of BACON. Mmmm Bacon.

The new place is a very relaxed atmosphere, and while the old team were close, and got along very well, it was a corporate environment. Using my ID to enter the building. Fancy cubicle pods. A security guard who walk about once a day. Someone who watered the plants. Someone who managed kitchens, to make sure they were fully stocked with coffee, juice, and pop.

I’m now in a small officer in an industrial park. Canada Post has a sorting center across the street, and a truck stop with a Denny’s up the street.

Oh I forgot, there’s a casino in walking distance as well, so this will be handy when I get my old severance, for the Blackjack. There is a hotel as part of the casino, so there may be hookers. (Channeling my inner Bender).
However, the casino thing isn’t all good. Next week, performing at the casino….Pauly Shore. (Cue dramatic hamster music)

Since it’s only my second day here, and I was at the old place for over 3 years, I’m sure it’s just me. I need to adapt to the new environment, but I still would rather have won the lottery, and be relaxing on the beach somewhere while being served drinks by scantily clad women (they’re called bikini’s).

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