Thursday, August 27, 2015

I did not fall on my keys

So I’m getting ready for work this morning. I’m all dressed, and I look pretty and all, and suddenly BOOM. I can’t find my damn keys. Why is it always the damn keys. I have a spot where I normally put them, but I did some late night laundry, so I needed my keys.

It’s amazing where you will search when your keys are missing. I looked at the usual places, like the dining room table (or it’s not really a dining room). The coffee table, my workstation desk (for my last job where I was able to work from home), but no luck.

Now I start looking at the more unusual places. The refrigerator? Maybe I decided to put my keys there when I went for a drink ,Nope. The freezer?  Maybe I was sleep walking and decided I wanted ice cream in my sleep, even though I don’t have ice cream in the freezer right now. Nope.

Then onto the bathroom. Did I leave them in the bathtub? Why would they be there? Nope. How about the tank behind the toilet? Again, I have no idea why they would be there. Nope. I just hope that I didn’t flush them down the toilet. You’d think I would remember doing that.

What if I accidently threw them in the trash? I go searching through them. I find an empty box of cremecicles, a box of Tuna Helper, and a can of tuna. The statistic bag to the new hard drive that I bought (I’ll talk about that next time), but no keys.

By this time, i start searching the couch again. Also look under the bed. Behind the bookshelf. On top of the bookshelf. NOTHING.

Now I’ve been looking for a good fifteen minutes now. I’m going to be late for work. I keep looking and now I’m looking at the same places for the second and third time. I don’t know why I looked at the freezer again. It wasn't there the first 2 time, so why would it be there now?

Again, you're wondering, if you checked there twice there already, why would it appear when looking a third time, but I was getting desperate. Then boom. I found my keys. In the the pants pocket of the pants i was wearing last night. I KNOW FOR A FACT I SEARCHED THOSE POCKETS TWICE, so why did they suddenly appear? I have a theory. I think the keys ended up in that alternative dimension that one soft goes when it gets lost in the library.

THAT HAS TO BE IT, OR I’M CRAZY !!!. Ummm maybe not crazy, just really weird.

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