Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I'm going to Comic Con !!!

Well I did it. After months of bitching and whining about not being able to get a pass for the San Diego Comic Con (cue the singing angels), I did it. I managed to get a 4 day pass for the mother of all comic conventions. I'm thrilled as ....thrilled can be that I managed to get a 4 day pass to geek mecca.

I will be doing my pilgrimage in late July, from July 21st to 24th with a days travelling between both days, not that a flight from Calgary to San Diego is that long. (goes to check, putter putter putter). Ok it's a 3 hour direct flight on WestJet, which is probably how I will get there. Hopefully the plane won't be packed and the Satellite TV will work this time.

The bad news is that since the passes sold out in 3 hours, I'm not sure if anyone else got a pass. Well they do take returns, so maybe some of my friends will have a chance to buy if they still want to go. If not, then I will experience San Diego all by myself.

This really wasn't one of my bucket list items, unlike the London trip, which is part of my goal to visit every continent on the planet, including Antarctica, but it's still fairly cool. It's part of my geek side, being realized. Sure it doesn't matter as much as with other things in life, but it's just fun.

I had to take a day off from the weekend job at Safeway in order to get the pass. Again, the passes sold out in 3 hours, and I managed to get mine in the first hour of that. I did have a few worries, however. Would my credit card be charged multiple times, and I didn't get a confirmation email. Both issues have been resolved, I got my confirmation email today, and I confirmed that my credit card was only charged for 1 pass, and with the current exchange rate. I was only changed $1.69 more. Frigging processing charges.

I plan to really enjoy myself. I'm overdue for a Con, after missing last years here in town because of  my father passing. So I'm looking forward to both events.

I remember one thing about the last US Con I went to in Chicago. There was a lot off bootleg DVD's of shows and movies which were not on DVD yet. I remember buying Max Headroom (it's now on DVD for real), Street Hawk (again, on DVD for real),  Mighty Orbots and Gen 13 (don't ask). So much crap, that I joked about being a real help in getting the US economy out of their recession.. This year though, there is a lot of free crap given away from people who have exhibits. Someone I know who went last year, told me he spent a lot on shipping just to get his free stuff shipped home.

I'm looking forward to the swag. YAAA FREE STUFF.

I'm also looking forward to doing some small things, like see the ocean for the first time. Before this trip, the closest I've come to seeing the ocean is looking south into the bay in Manhattan.

Again, this is an experience that I'm going to enjoy. This will be my last year of fun before dedicating myself to getting my MBA. After the MBA, I'll make up for it by going to Australia, but that will be 3 years away since I'm going to be going to school part time.

My 2 Bytes.

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letti said...

If the Community cast is there, I need you to tell Danny Pudi that I LOVE HIM!!!!! :)