Friday, October 23, 2015

Damn Hair

There's something wrong with me. Ok there's something new that's wrong with me. Twice this week, I've seen people on the train will big hair, and twice I had to fight the urge to tackle them, and shave their heads with hair clippers.

I will concede the fact that I didn't have hair clippers with me, but if I did, I would have ended up in front of a Judge saying. "Dammit, your honor, the hair was just too big a poofy, and it had to go", or the the second person, it would have been "Dammit, your honor, the 80's are over and the hair had to go."

Are these people looking at themselves in the mirror in the morning?  I swear the first guy could have been smuggling a family of 4 in that hair. I regret not taking a picture, but he got off the train before I could get a picture. I think he saw me sizing him up.

There's this other guy i keep seeing. He has some really long hair, but it's all tired up with multiple rubber bands. I keep thinking, that I could cut it all off with one quick snip.

Now I don't have a thing for hair, but dammit, if your hair is soo poofy, that it gets caught in the door. YOU have a problem.

NO MORE POOFY HAIR PEOPLE. The 80's are over.

1 comment: said...

Haha, poor Karl. Maybe you could give out hats?