Friday, September 11, 2015

My comic world just went pppfffttt


I just read this from multiple sources that in the fourth issue of the new Invincible Iron Man comic, a new character is to be added. Mary Jane Watson. Yes the MJ who's married/was married to Peter Parker.

My reaction to this news was a loud NOOOO. Bad idea, bad idea, but then I thought maybe I should wait and see what will happen.

Perhaps I need to give some details about the background around this. For a long time, Peter Parker was married to Mary Jane Watson. They had their rocky spots, but I always considered them the first couple of the Marvel Universe. (I've never been a fan of the Fantastic Four, so Reed and Sue Richards don't count). It proved that a superhero can live happily ever after with their beloved. That was until the Civil War story line. (The same story line as the new Captain America movie will be based on when it's released next year). In this story line, Peter, and Mary Jane are made to forget that they were ever married. Needless to say, I hated this.

Now forward to this year. Marvel is in the middle of the Secret Wars story where the whole Marvel Multiverse has been destroy, and all that exists in the Battleworld. In the Battleworld, there are a bunch of separate domains where people people from different domains are not suppose to interact, Think of it as a "What If", and each domain is a different story.

In one of the domains, the comic series Spider-Man Renew Your Vows takes place. In this domain Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are still married and they have a daughter named Annie. I really loved this series for the story, and the idea of Peter, and MJ are still married and have a daughter. Again, I don't see why heroes can't live happily ever after.

One more important thing, is after the Secret Wars storyline is completed, the whole Marvel Universe is getting a reboot (Marvel says it's not a reboot. I call bullshit on that). So will this new version of Mary Jane ever have a relationship with Peter? Does she and Tony Stark become an item? I hope not. I really want MJ back with Peter, and I don't trust Tony anywhere near her.

I'm still a Marvel fanboy, but this idea of MJ and Tony Stark together gives me the creeps.

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