Friday, June 19, 2009

I just price them. I don' use them

As I mentioned before, I have 2 jobs, the cool high paying job, and the crappy getting out of debt job. I don’t have anything to blog about with the main job but it did occur to me that there are some items I can blog about with the second job.

At the second job, I work in File Maintenance. This means I remove sale tags on shelves, and put new ones on. A simple task, and nothing to talk about except for one thing; having to place the sale tags on the “Feminine Care” products. Yes those things.

I wouldn’t mind it so much if the store was closed when I had to put the tags on there, but the store is open. I keep expecting someone to go the customer service to report “the sick and disgusting man” hanging out in that area. I mean seriously, this is not somewhere I want to be seen hanging around with.

I’ve mentioned this to a female co-worker and she teases me about it now. How, that I’ll be an expert on these products and that any future girlfriend would be grateful. I disagreed. I all come down to that one real fear that guys have when getting a phone call from their girlfriend/wife/whatever. Being asked to pick up “those things” on the way home. Seriously, if a guy does it, he might as well hand over his testicles as well, because once you do that. They belong to her.

Last week, after I also got stuck with putting the sale tags on the nylons, and the co-worker also saw me doing it, and comment “so this is your second favorite space, at least I didn’t catch you rubbing the samples on your face”. I know I’m a closet pervert, but I would never do something like that…in public. The nylons, not the other thing, that’s just creepy.

Oh the brighter side, I did make fun of her having to tag the “family planning section”, which is basically condoms.

So don’t think you can ask me which feminine product is better than the other, because I just price them. I don’t wear them.

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letti said...

i would go for the generic store brand if it was cheaper and just as good, not that you needed to know that.....