Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why the hell can't I get a bailout.

I was working at the second job today and a small bombshell was dropped. I'm being moved to a new dept in the beginning of the year. The issue is, that I don't want to move to a new dept. I'm happy where I am, even though this whole scenario stinks of the work of a Dept head who is the most negative person I've ever met in my life. All she does is bitch bitch bitch. The thing is, I can't really least not until mid May. I fear it's going to be a long 5 months.

I could actually quit now, but it would mean cutting back on a few things, like next summer's trip to Chicago, but I refuse to do that. I've been looking forwarded to this trip for awhile. Also, if I quit saving for that, then I'd also be quit the fund for London next year as well, and I refuse to do that. Why should I let this person ruin things for me? I refuse to let her ruin my trip to Chicago, and London. Not going to happen bitch.

Well it's also my fault I guess, for needing the job to begin with. I recently took a look at all the debts I have, including student loans, and I'm shelling out a lot of money to other people. Well, spring will free me somewhat, as I won't have to pay out the largest of those payments anymore, but May is a long way away, especially with it being -27C out there (yes it's friggin cold).

Give it a few years, I can get out of this hole, that I've dug myself into. I just wish that it would be sooner. I went through a bit of a mini freakout again, knowing that I might have to put up with some shit for the next 5 months, but I'm just going to think about the end goal. Getting out of debt, going to Chicago in August to meet my City of Heroes friend, and going to London next year to check out life across the "pond", meet Vics, and her bloke. Recently I've been dreaming of being in the UK a lot. I'm not sure why. Shouldn't I be dreaming of going to Chicago?

Well, I'm not the type to put up with a lot of crap (BIG LIE, or else I would have left the old job sooner), but I can only take so much, and this cheap shot is something that is making me think, perhaps it's time to go somewhere else. I now have a year's experience working in retail, so maybe with that experience and my IT experience, I can get a weekend job at Future Shop/Best Buy or some other type of consumer electronics place. I'd rather help people find a wireless keyboard than hollandays sauce anyway.

Oh well, worst case scenario, 5 months of bullshit. Actually this makes sense in a freaky way. Things have been going so well at the main job, that something had to piss me off eventually, and if nothing is pissing me off, I don't seem to be blogging, so this might be a good thing for the blog.

My 2 Bytes.


letti said...

And we were afraid that you were so content at your job you would have nothing to blog about :)


Sorry about the sucky work situation at the other job tho. YES you HAVE to dream AND eventually get to Chicago, London AND Vegas :) Hand in there, K. I'll do the 5 month countdown with ya. That should be around the time when Junior will be a month to this world, and THEN I'll be venting at YOU about my life being topsy turvy and totally chaotic :)

Jess said...

I think that looking into getting a new second job would be a good idea. If you have a Future Shop or Best Buy near by then drop off a resume and see what they have to say. With IT experience I'm sure either would snap you up in a second and might even be willing to pay you more than your current one. Plus it would be nice to do something that interests you AND makes you extra cash.

E said...

I agree you shouldn't compromise on your trips. Hopefully changing departments at your weekend job won't be as bad as you think it will be. My fingers are crossed for you!! L, E