Monday, December 15, 2008

I think we all need a bailout.

Remember those days where one person would work one job and be able to support the whole family? Well those days existed. I’m pretty sure of it. I saw it on Happy Days. These days however, it seems like people these days can’t seem to get by on one job anymore. Let’s see, for example, I have 2 jobs, and an e-commerce site, and I’m still just getting by. I can see a day where I’ll finally buy things like a …car…a condo, but they still seem years away.

Now, I’ve read that the gap between the rich and not so rich seems to be getting wider, and yet when the rich need money, they get a bailout. Where’s my bailout? I don’t need several billion for my bailout. I don’t even need several million for mine. I just need a 5-figure sum, and I’d be fine. Then I’d go and get myself out of debt all over again, but at least it would be a mortgage and a car loan.

Originally, I thought that my situation was just because of my own bad choices, but recently I keep hearing from other people that’s they’re thinking the same thing. Getting a second job, something on the weekends or a few evenings a week. I guess this is why both parents work these days in families. It costs more to live, and the expense of living a decent lifestyle keeps going higher and higher.

I don’t own a car, but I’d like to own one. I’m not looking for an expensive SUV, but even the less expensive stuff seems expensive these days. I’m starting to think a used car is my only option.

I’ve read that this generation is suppose to be the first generation that isn’t suppose to do as well as the previous generation…but really, this really sucks. At least I’m finally in a position where I’m starting to regain lost ground, but it’s still going to take years before I even get to consider a mortgage or a bank loan.

My 2 Bytes.


Jay said...

I'll take a bailout too. In fact, I'd take two.

E said...

I know I am very lucky.... I don't have any debt really. I don't make very much money but I also don't spend very much money. I don't have credit cards - when I did have them I spend on them and I know I can't stop myself from spending so I don't have them anymore. So I pay my electricity, phone, dish and car/home insurance, health insurance and buy my groceries and gas for my Jeep. I own my Jeep, no car payments, but it is 10 years old and getting rusty - won't last forever - and I am worried for when I will need to get a new vehicle. Some months - when I don't work as much or gas prices are higher - paying my dish bill seems like a luxury.

Oh...and my saving account is my Tigger bank. I put all my change into my Tigger bank and when I am scared poor or going away I'll take it into the bank and dump it all into the change counter and usually I have a good amount of new $$.

So I sure could use a bail out too! I'd pay ahead on all my bills and buy some new clothes and dogbed for Laurey. I don't know what else I'd do with the money...since I don't even have large amounts of "extra" money I don't "dream" of what I can do with it...but I would love to have a true savings account!

Okay...thats enough. L, E