Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sleep Travelling?

I know I said what I said…but sometimes life is hard. I’ve been extremely busy at work. Staying late and crashing around 8:00pm every night this week. Then I would wake up at 1am, or 3am; sometimes both. Sometimes I wish that I didn’t have to sleep, but this is getting annoying. There’s one thing that has kept to going thought, and that is next summer’s trip to Chicago, but I’ve decided that Chicago isn’t enough for me. It’s just a start.

Last week, I dreamed that I was in the UK. I’m not sure where exactly I was, but I do know I was in the UK. I know I was there to meet a certain blogger, her bloke, and their “lil” one, but I don’t think I actually meet any of them. All I remember is waiting in a bar/pub/whatever they call them over there.

Then earlier this week, I found myself looking through at flight/hotel packages for a week in Hong Kong, to which I concluded, Hong Kong isn’t as expensive as I thought it would be, so I’m toying with the idea of adding Hong Kong my list…after London. I’ve committed London (or wherever in the UK Vics is) for 2010, no matter what.

I’m still thinking Vegas would be cool, as well as going back to Ottawa. There are some old friends in Ottawa a new one, that I haven’t meet face to face, and Vegas…well a couple of days in Vegas, while staying at the Hooters Hotel, or some other “fine” establishment. Let’s see, Vegas vs. Ottawa. I might do a poll on that one day. Either way, one of those trips would be squeezed in between Chicago and London.

One thing that I have noticed is the lack of interest in flying back home to visit family. I’m sorry, but I do not want to go to that small town in Northern Ontario…ever, but I know that one Christmas I’ll have to make that journey…to the dullest place on earth.

I’ve also considered a weekend in Fort McMurray. While I wasn’t born there, I did grow up there, and I consider that place home, more than the small town in Northern Ontario. I honestly feel that part of the world held me back. There wasn’t any opportunity for me there, unless I wanted to be a lumberjack, drive a truck, or do something for a living that I would absolutely hate. Fort McMurray has options.

So once, again. I will try to blog more regularly, and avoid blogging about Britney Spears’s Vagata.

My 2 Bytes


E said...

Ottawa is about 3-4 hours from me.... Not too far! ~E

Jess said...

I had a weird UK dream too. I don't know why we were there but we kept getting mixed up and driving on the right/wrong side of the road. But it was ok because lots of other people were too.

Kat Werner said...

I love Vegas! I so want to go back day.

I also want to go back to Toronto, I like it there even if everyone thinks I am an alien with BO and bad breath because I am from *gasp* Michigan (ooh so far away!).